Colonizing Inner Space

There’s something happening here. What it is is – increasingly – becoming exactly more clear.

Vintage anti-colonialism is currently being mainstreamed. This seems like a positive, net ‘sociological development within modern discourse’ type of a thing, on the face of it. But recall: modern ‘democratic’ colonial ‘progress’, spreading across landscapes like a brush fire made of debt, steel and cement, previously, also ‘seemed’ for its time, to some, a ‘positive, net sociological development’, on the previous face of it, too, as previously offered. If you find that you dislike the idea of those boots on this ground way back when, doing all that evil stuff, are you sure you are clearly in opposition to it in the present, with other boots on other ground?

The Inertnet

Exercise caution, taking masks at face value.

To counteract the prevailing paradigmatic limitations of our own time, of this particular reality tunnel, we must resist that reflexive desire to dwell overmuch on the past failures, as if to feel relieved of and sweetly superior to the dead or the disappeared. To break out of the conditional biases of the paradigm domino effect, the existing nightmare of history, one must heroically project one’s own awareness starkly into a statistically likely, if provisional only, theoretical actual future. Crucially, it rewards the thoughtfully foresighted and the legitimately intellectually curious to take notice of the increasingly utilitarian axiom/equation, ‘History = (Conspiracy Theory) + (50 years)’.

Notice currently in the clattering apparatus of most all the main engines of media as these are deployed, that it is only the foregone, already-concluded and most transient or material aspects of historical colonialism that are seen as conditions in the here and now to be addressed; the outcomes and evidences and plastic forms of the previous iterations are the very ones placed center stage to ‘care about’. What results? The names of streets deemed insensitive or incompletely ‘equalized’ thus must be ‘changed’. The statues of old, prior patriarchs must be ritually pulled down; sports team mascots that are deemed politically inauspicious are being phased out (and probably then being replaced with-who-knows-what?); race and gender are being abolished; race and gender are constructs; the next day, special cases of race and gender narratives are foregrounded as typical or as action items, seemingly counteracting the previous day’s conclusions. Do you even notice the tension? Are you possibly attenuated and numb to the fact that these narratives not only don’t cohere, they don’t actually connect to actionable items within the civic space we all share, let alone address the immense international quagmire of error and falsity that needs dismantling, before anything else can be properly installed?

Maybe you do notice.

All of these public relations gestures are the kinds that metabolize mostly only the exponents of previous occupation or institutional injustice; too often they themselves ‘occupy’ the attention spans, or copywriters, or the application of surface textures to lived life, possibly without addressing the actual causes. Such gestures as these possibly merely create surface level palliatives that offset perceived injuries, while neglecting to address the still-injurious forces that have long ago refined their own dominator culture to hide from the injured that they still live.

They Live

Meanwhile, similarly, movies and television programs feature these concerns in the exact same manic and superficial way that movies and television shows deal with all topics. Manically, and superficially. If the sign is the subversion of the signified, what is the subversion of the sign? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Currency – money itself, the root of all evil – is, we are told, ‘being updated’ to feature Harriet Tubman’s image “on the front of the 20 dollar bill”. Andrew Jackson’s likeness will mysteriously, separately but equally, still adorn the verso. Does this kind of thing actually help anyone or anything? (There already were Crispus Attucks and Sacagawea silver dollars in circulation. Have you felt the redemptive power of these coins having been minted, cascading through your lived life? Probably not.)

Advertising is undergoing yet another image makeover, as well. This is being done to better reflect our progressive and changing attitudes, we are told. In the interest of fairness, apparently, more and more kinds of different people can see themselves used as image fodder in more and more appeals to them to think this or that way, buy this or that thing, spend Harriet Tubman dollars on this or that throwaway false need, or else to just charge it to a Chase card.

Ask yourself sincerely if an advertisement for a product which also lectures you about your political position or your relationship to ecology is something that is probably predicated on prosecuting justice first, and selling something secondly, or would it be more likely that it’s the other way around?

It’s a slippery slope. (You probably should kill your television, after all, like people used to say in the 1970’s).

The Breadless Circus

Everyday, everywhere, in a myriad number of exploding ways, some new controversy, outrage, or press release agitates with fresh pseudo-revolutionary crackle.

But what is the actual function of this breadless circus; of all this sound, of all this contrived fury?

Freshly intoxicated by these reports of what we are being told that we believe, we grow increasingly chronically idle, believing little other than what is permitted to believe. Through the avalanching drip-feed of bogus dispatches from Central Control, we are being lured into the arena of the False Positive Action, and from so much of this in recent years, perhaps, or from simply the egregious aesthetically impoverished forms it has taken on by now, some now are starting to glimpse the Great Game for what it has really become.

‘Interior Colonialism’, Colonialism 2.3.3, is utterly top-down, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s the super-scientific tactics playbook designed and implemented by the heirs of the previous waves; it is a furthering of the consolidation of power achieved by the previous agency that now pretends to ‘attack itself’; while, all the while, concealing the other actual ways it is attacking itself, or rather us, at a different level of logical type…

‘Interior Colonialism’ is the Colonization of the Self… and by not only ‘whatever means that the end justifies’, but by whatever means are at hand, period. Overt, covert, spectacular, sub-rosa… left, right, middle; culture, low culture, no culture… no hook or bi crook goes unturned, or can be left to rust, unused, in the new push to beguile. Every previous mechanism, from any side of any dialectical combat, is available as materiel for utilization by History’s Winners, who are thus the Authors.

They Live!

Note grimly that the entire world is now ‘the’ reservation. Oceans and forests remain alive in the strange permitted zombie status of parks, or are increasingly owned and privatized, outright. No wildland, no frontier that would be theoretically on one hand be available still to ‘run away to’, really remains. And that means, precisely at the same time, that there is simultaneously no actual frontier requiring recruits to ‘go out into’, either, on behalf of the Inheritors, on behalf of accumulating Control, back at hedquarters… There is no more outside. “There is no there, there”. The world has become a terrarium of itself.

‘Letters to the Gene Editors’

Thus, the brutish force-arm of colonial invasion, occupation and hijack meets at every latitude and longitude point, precisely surrounding and encircling us all. Yes, Virginia, including the polar bears.

Picture those cliché air traffic control charts, their plane paths ribboning the hemispheres, lacing the landmasses to each other in commercial real time, in a simultaneous way that renders them truly by now little more than dumb outposts, rest stops, ‘layovers’; post-national raw material depots that the Captains of Industry and their strange clans use as power hubs for their most ancient dreams of acquisition and surrender, coming always to terminal harvest… it might as well be a penal colony zoo, run by aliens, at this point.

 (Perhaps it is this queasy despair, this dimly acknowledged but more acutely sensed awareness, lurking without sanctioned voice, in the guts, in the middle, demanding some kind of psychic compensation, that finds its own uncanny expression in all the mania for ‘climate change’ mitigation narratives, documentaries and science fiction movies about disasters and eco-catastrophes, chain letter signature campaigns to save this or that Wicker Witch from some imaginary gallows. PETA and ELF activism, Slutwalks and boycotts, petitions and Ice Bucket Challenged pseudo-activism… have you stopped to consider that all that stuff is maybe just the kid’s card table at Thanksgiving , a ‘free speech’ or free activism ‘zone’ where we are encouraged to be the selves we tailor and trick out with lifestyle choices and adornments all amounting to not much more than ‘democracy cosplay’?

The Pathology of Re-Normalization

All of this permitted bombast is nevertheless still psychologically bathetic, pathetic and possibly pathic; the institutionally supplied surrogate to revolution, the simulacra sold as the thing itself, the advertisement of political justice. It is actively passive; it is The Active Passive-Aggressive.

Whatever it ends up being used to do, it remains merely mostly a repressed and therefore still dangerously unconscious incompletely claimed admission that the world is already a lie, and that ‘culture’ or its current cover story is mostly an anti-natural and fracked-out freak out, recouped only partially in the strutting mass-mediated cul-de-sac psychopomp.

The degree to which this kind of histrionic substitute for justice is ritually staged is the degree to which we all remain occupied and sequestered by the Powers That Be as they reformat our preexisting conditions of subjugation.

The Gorbachev Rorschach Test

Perhaps when the Berlin Wall came down, it wasn’t so much that freedom or even free market capital was finally capable of rushing into Communist zones where it was previously retarded; perhaps what really happened was a certain conceptual material was being tested and refined, and readied for release. The destruction of that containment wall (in this version of the thought experiment, anyway) then engendered the release into the rest of the sphere the inoculating reagent, at some desired ratio of parts-per-million. Communism was probably never ‘Communism’, that’s true. But is Chernobyl, by analogy, historically important over the long view of it all because of the city it actually was, or is it noteworthy over time for what it leaves with us, as a legacy?

“By Their Fruits, and Their Radioactive Boars, and Their Abandoned Amusement Parks, and Their Rampant Cancer Statistics, Ye Shall Know Them”

Are you really sure slavery was ‘abolished’? Did you read the fine print, the blizzards of legalese? What if the aspects of both slavery and freeman status were combined and synthesized into the new definition of person you currently assume you hold as your own?

You would be not only more of a victim of history than you claim, you’d be a huge part of the problem for those of us who would still try to see the colonizing, controlling force arm thrown off.

Dude! So THIS

Meanwhile, these selfsame same fucking oligarch castes and clans who despoiled every material aspect of the old world, rendering frontiers moot and edges tautologically simultaneous (the Monopoly Ourobourous), now are turning their full, unslakeable and greedy attention both to the ‘virtual world’ (the world ‘inside the outside world’: the world of Internetland), and to ‘inner space’ itself, which either comes before or goes beyond the world, and constitutes the ‘spinal battlefield’ where our constituent selves are set against each other.

Both are actual worlds, in the sense of being phenomenological and each having a provisional, historical ‘ongoingness’… yet, both share this other aspect of being incompletely verified, un-reified, and (by great margins, in fact) too infinite to be mapped or even mappable; ergo, they are flagged with the labeling that would call them terra incognita, ‘unknown worlds’; places to brave at one’s own peril. Like the old frontiers they replace, they are accessible but only to those willing to work on behalf of the colonial masters, and who are willing moreover to accept the network masters’ “Terms of Service”.

Those unable to accept the conventionalized harnesses of their machine protocols and unwilling to hack as directed, employing the ad-racked machetes of the proxy financiers and red in rendered 3D tooth and claw, will be eventually dragged to the New New Frontier – or consigned to it – like the new Urban Wodaabe or Last of England we each are doomed to become, ‘jacking in’ to their system.

 A Deluge of Guitarry

The Interior Colonization is a re-colonization that necessarily involves the psyche as the battleground or ‘occupied territory’ in the scramble of self against other, self against self, self against other self, or full on John Woo-style internecine total war of sub-selves, each competing for ‘dominant selfhood’, dominance, the vanishing point of control. All of these splinterings of the self are designed and executed to conceal the emergence of the Frankenstein Composite Corporate SuperSelf, which has already been cultured, and which is ‘already under construction’.

Please Stand By

The evil genius of the Evil Geniuses seems always to involve this dialectic effort, the playing off of factions, even and especially the Factions of The Imagination; or any of those which can be used to divide us against ourselves. Classic mechanisms. Propaganda has always been such a mechanism, at the populational level. But whereas they relied on mass propaganda techniques to legitimize their illegitimate siezures and annexations (literally subjecting us all to their manufactured dream works), now the focus can algorithmically turn to direct propagandizing to each wired individual, with messages and texts and subtexts tailored to the normalcy and confirmation biases of Homo Novus, retooled into docile hubristic servitude to his or her own sense of shifting self.

So, at this new late, (and latter, perhaps even last) phase, we get an equivalently accelerated False Dichotomy; a newer, even more false dichotomy. This new fresh falsehood is not predicated merely on playing off observable ‘sides’ in a given conflict, but on going deeper, further. It isn’t battles of east and west anymore, or even between ‘old and new’, left and right, ‘male and female’, believer and unbeliever, elite and prole – since these would be in some sense natural or organic and observable logical dichotomies, simply the original dualities as previously falsely reconfigured – it’s abstracted like algebra, recombined and constituted; bent like topology.

Now, the even falser dichotomies afforded by access to the imaginal frontier – a spaceless space, a timeless time, a zone of personless personhood, deathless life – are the ones also being staged on the game grids of opinion across ‘social networks’ and in our extrusions of the real, which McLuhan rightly claimed were mostly prosthetics, but crucially, haunted ones, subject to consensus trance validation, which will presumably be solved by Central Control in the manner it solves all social problems: by the application of deception, force, control, fiat authorization schemes, and Ponerology Ponzi Pyramid Powers.

 Today, when we have extended all parts of our bodies and senses by technology we are haunted by the need for an outer consensus of technology and experience that would raise our communal lives to the level of a world-wide consensus.

– Marshall McLuhan, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” (first published in 1964)

The Map Will Be The Territory

Something is indeed being done to purposefully set the inner self (the individual) against the mass of conventionalized and ‘re-normalized’ others, relative to the individual, on the Net. The net complicates any resistance or revolution because its abstract nature is such that the map is already a kind of territory, while there is no ‘other actual territory’ in the world left for it to refer precisely to.  Because of this, because there is no referent for the sign to refer to in any reality, since for example a web ‘site’ is made of sign and sign only, everything taking place there takes place for an information society in an information landscape. The abuse of power should come as no surprise, as there is little more than a one-way power transaction currently taking place in ‘the social network’. They see and gain everything, we see what they want us to see and little else. We pay for the ‘privilege’ to walk and hitchhike and sell lemonade from our stands dotting the byways of the information superhighway, while they collect bonuses and algorithmic capital from our own incentivized pro-bono participation in their closed, private, gated ‘communities’.

You think you are uploading your own choices for this or that on-line fantasy football team or watching some 3 minute clip of some interview that has already been televised, but you don’t really seem to notice or mind that much that your own attention which you pay to pay with is meanwhile being harvested by absentee eyeball robber barons.

As Charlton Heston observed, ‘upside down in a net, a man isn’t worth much’.

The Excluded Middlemen

So the Self, stretched on false racks of The Excluded Middle by the Excluded and Excluding Middlemen, thus becomes the new scapegoat of the exchange; a One Man Afghanistan, a witless and occupied staging ground; a minefield already mined by larger forces for their larger agenda, deprived of due process, forever frustrated and barred access to The Door to the Law.

And this is not accidental, any more than History itself is. It has been carefully, precisely engineered – coded – by the Invisible Stealth Emperors of the Displaced Self.

Open Stealth

With no adequate psychic spreadsheet – no ‘map of the map’ – to consult, to properly identify and to conceptually contain these forces at play, there is the danger that we as heirs of the old world simply work toward achieving its dismal terminus, and at our own expense.

Those truly bearing the far greater share of inherited responsibility for the colonial push that consumed the past are the current beneficiaries of virtualizations of colonialism which they train us to espouse as new social virtues; indeed they are presenting these as the antidotes to history, rather than to their previously interrupted dominion over history.

Sadly, being designed as both a means of virtual ‘social empowerment’, and yet also as a detour from itself and therefore from ‘the others’ (utilizing the same strange mechanics of refraction to achieve its totalizing, aggregate goals), the Internet extends, rather than counteracts, previously inculcated inequities. Using our individual sense of self as its fuel source and as infrastructure, the Net can already be seen to be a force that is corrosive to not only the provisional self who ‘logs in’, but to and even greater extent, is proving to be corrosive to any remaining actual social structures that previously were organically ‘social’. With their demise, goes our demise.

We were the people we were waiting to expect, but we were wrong, all along.

 Epic Fail

Notice meanwhile the techniques of the hostile, predatory, illusionist elites who have managed to, Eyes Wide Shutter, cloak themselves behind the fictionalizations and fantasies they underwrite (Bourne movies, zombie franchises, pseudo-celebrity ‘reality programming’, viciously nihilistic SAW sequels)… in each of these ‘entertainments’, (which, remember, are still vehicles – at the first level of transmission – for their placed products and propagandized transmissions), we have the same mechanism at play: the new alteration of the existing form is designed to reveal the method, somehow tell a truth, shine a light on a dark corner, go where no man has gone before… but not to actually illuminate or bring aid or even comfort, but to grind off still more any trace of gears that might resist the wrenches they throw in, which is how the machine is by them maintained…

 The Way of What’s To Come

It’s truly heartbreaking that the current mood has darkened to a state of inertial plunge, a katabasis of created scarcities and remote controlled oppositions and manipulated outrages that can’t get to the roots of the causes.  The only revolution permitted is apparently the one that will be televised, and the new fall season holds even more edits per second, even more dizzy, bullet-time drone cam zooms and pans, drenched in graphic overlays and set to lush beds of ponderous hum, to maximally exteriorize the giddy vertigo our collective sense of our ‘collective sense.

 Damaged as it is by so much bad faith and so many false flags, our new imperial art form (all circus, no bread) demands of us that we ritually, serially celebrate our own insufficiency. The Accreting Demon, the Corporate SupraSelf, can continue to gain form and dominion over what’s left of a living people and world. We will all be stuck with the bill. The fallout will fall toward us. ‘Nature’, the original true source of our own actual connection to what the frontiers ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ both actually refer to, is on the block; under the bus; in the cross-hairs.

 Awareness of this, even the ‘remote viewing’ or sensing of it through wildly kaleidoscopic, anecdotal perceptions, must be debased and marginalized. Contrarian voices that would speak truth to power – or even to chubby weakness – must be drowned out; displaced by fictions, denied; Balkanized.

 The occult illusionism that the Hungry Corporate Ghost Monster directs the Stealth Emperors and their Imagineers to author, as distraction and theater, must be named, classified, dissected, and opposed.

 We must, at some point, confront the question: “is absence of absence of evidence, evidence of absence of evidence?”

 Those of you who would remain, and those to come, looking for the better way, must eventually answer this.

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.
– Richard Feynman
, ‘Appendix F: Personal Observations
 on the Reliability of the Shuttle’